01.  Guest by Omri Ziegele’s Billiger Bauer  @ WIM Zürich
08.  with Marco Käppeli & Ruedi Debrunner  hör & jetzt  Pianolounge, Aarau
10.  with Joyful Noise Orchestra  Alter Zoll  Basel
23.  Werkstattkonzert with Manuela Keller – Piano, Sara Käser – Cello, Sebastian Strinning – Sax WIM Zürich
01.  with Michel Doneda, Guy Bettini and… @ Spazio Culturale Panelle 10 via pannello 10, Locarno
04.  Guest by Omri Ziegele’s Billiger Bauer  @ WIM Zürich
05.  MvO & Tassos Tataroglou – Zwei Trompeter treffen sich – Nichts ausser Blech. Galerie Eulenspiegel BS
01.  Federlosband   im Rahmen von Ueli Bichsels Superstar-Festival @ Rote Fabrik Fabriktheater, Zürich
07.  Federlosband  @ Galizia Olten
28.  collective ARC JURASSIEN with A. Läng, M. Schütz, M. Wintsch, K. von Grünigen, L. Friedli & MvO  Flatterschafft, BS
29.  collective ARC JURASSIEN with A. Läng, M. Schütz, M. Wintsch, K. von Grünigen, L. Friedli & MvO  Literaturcafé, Biel
10.  KvGs Bottom Orchestra  @ Jazzcampus Basel
11.  KvGs Bottom Orchestra plays Songs of Work @ Jazz geht Baden, Baden

This new recording will come out very soon by HAT HUT Rec.

hatOLOGY 732



Listening to the music of Marco von Orelli, Max E. Keller and Sheldon Suter, one comes very close to the essence of the improvised music project, an idea in which the largest and smallest units—
of time and space, of personality and the world—are simultaneously engaged.
The Swiss trio is made up of three very distinct musicians, distinct in the way in which their values and responses intersect to create this special music, which is a form constructed at once of their differences as well as their empathy. Call it real-time collective composition, but each of the three musicians is willing to pursue specific components and paths that through their collective method become larger than any individual design…
Stuart Broomer

New CD out —> LUFT.SPIELE  by FMR Records, CD 416-0216
Cover Luft.Spiele




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